Magic Muscle Ease | 4 oz
Magic Muscle Ease | 4 oz

Magic Muscle Ease | 4 oz

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Have sore muscles? Not anymore, with our new Magic Muscle-Ease! Two key ingredients combine to help soothe sore muscles fast. Safe for the whole family.
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Sore muscles got you down?  Not anymore!  Try our NEW Magic Muscle-Ease.

There are lots of sore muscle products out there, but ours is different.  Most rely on a single ingredient to cool or relieve pain, but ours combines two (or three!) natural, amazing ingredients that will really help to relieve your muscle pain…for good!

First, there’s arnica.  Arnica helps to soothe sore muscles naturally, as well as bruises.  It will relieve the aches and pains fast.

Second, there’s magnesium.  A lot of muscle tension and tightness is because we need magnesium, but we don’t always have it.  Rub a little into the sore spot to help relax the muscles naturally — and stay that way.

Third, in our scented Magic Muscle-Ease, there are peppermint and wintergreen essential oils.  These help as mild pain relievers and gently cool the muscles so you feel better, fast.

The result is a truly natural, truly powerful combination to soothe even the toughest sore muscles — after exercise, sleeping on it wrong, or who-knows-what.  Plus, it’s in a creamy, skin-nourishing base of butters and oils, with no weird additives or anything artificial, ever.  Just whole, pure, natural ingredients!

NEW!  We’ve just added a brand new scent — citrus.  Why citrus?  Most of experience sore muscles because of stuck lymphatic fluid.  (Tends to happen when we don’t exercise enough.)  Citrus is excellent at promoting a healthy lymphatic system, which reduces soreness, helps natural detox, and promotes overall health!

Organic olive oil, organic arnica flowers, mango butter, kokum butter, magnesium chloride flakes, and candelilla Wax.

Mint also contains peppermint and wintergreen essential oils.

Citrus contains grapefruit and juniper berry essential oils.

The mint version is NOT safe for pregnancy (wintergreen), and may not be safe for nursing (peppermint) if you are especially sensitive to mint.  Do not mint version in children under 10.

Rub a small amount into any sore muscle area for quick relief.  Do not use on broken skin.

Shelf Life: 1 year. The scented version is NOT safe for pregnancy (wintergreen), and may not be safe for nursing (peppermint) if you are especially sensitive to mint.  Do not scented version in children under 10.

Unscented is safe for the whole family.

Citrus is also safe for the whole family, but may cause photosensitivity, so avoid excessive sun exposure for 18 hours after using.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

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