Earthley Elderberry Elixir for Kids | 2 oz
Earthley Elderberry Elixir for Kids | 2 oz

Earthley Elderberry Elixir for Kids | 2 oz

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The most potent and effective elderberry immune supplement available – our Elderberry Elixir is a powerful combination of elderberries and other immune strengthening herbs. When this specialized combination works together you get the best immune boost on the market! Great for daily use, and also at first signs of cold and flu symptoms. Elderberry Elixir is shelf-stable and super concentrated — doses are mere drops per day, meaning it is the most cost-effective option for elderberry immune support. (No more syrups forgotten in the fridge and wasted!) Made with 100% organic ingredients. Comes in Original (alcohol-based) and Kids (alcohol-free glycerin-based). Many people who have used syrups enjoy the Kids’ formula because of its sweet flavor and ease of use. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free. No Added Sugars, Colors, or Flavors. AND vegan, to top it all off!
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Elderberry is one of the most well-known herbal remedies — for good reason.

Earthley's Elderberry Elixir is shelf-stable and super potent, with no added sugars or health-harming ingredients.  They use 100% organic herbs in a base of alcohol or glycerin, and that’s it!

Most everyone knows elderberry as a delicious, sweet little berry. However, it is also a potent cold and flu fighter, a strong immune modulator, rich in natural vitamin C, with tons of antioxidant properties. There are a lot of elderberry products out there — such as elderberry syrup — to choose from, but we think ours is the best elderberry supplement and here’s why:

We don’t just use elderberry. Our Original formula also contains mullein (another key respiratory remedy), clove and ginger (anti-inflammatory herbs), and astragalus (one of the best immune supporters).

This blend of immune-boosting herbs is like a one-two punch for colds, coughs, sore throats, and more, in a shelf-stable elderberry drops tincture. Simply add elderberry drops to water, juice, smoothie, or your preferred drink.

Elderberry Elixir can also be used daily.  It won’t keep boosting and boosting your immune system and put it into overdrive; it will support your body in what it needs at this moment and keep you healthy!  Herbs are smart. 

Health Benefits:

  • Rich in vitamin C
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • Calms allergies and allergic responses
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Immune modulator

Elderberry Elixir Kids

Sweeter and milder in flavor than original elderberry drops, and safe for babies over 6 months!

We have a potent, effective extract that’s formulated just for the little ones (but works for grown-ups, too). It includes four mild, safe herbs (elderberries, orange peel, calendula, and mullein) in a vegetable glycerin base. It’s alcohol-free, with a sweet, orange-berry taste.

Both versions of our elixir are completely shelf-stable. Unlike elderberry syrups, which last a few weeks, Earthley’s elderberry drops will last for several months. It’ll be ready when you need it! No need to make or buy more when you’re feeling under the weather, when cooking or shopping are the last things you want to do. In short, this is the ultimate herbal remedy. It’s a must-have in any natural-minded family’s cabinet!

Kids Formula Ingredients:

Organic Elderberries
Organic Orange Peel
Organic Mullein
Organic Calendula
in a base of organic, sustainable palm-derived glycerin and filtered water.

Kids Formula Dosage:

Kids 6 mo – 6 years: 5 – 10 drops daily or 1 dropper 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness 
Kids 7 – 12 years: 10 – 20 drops daily or 2 droppers 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness 
Adults 13+: 20 – 30 drops daily or 2 droppers 2 – 3x per day at the first sign of illness 

Shelf Life:  Original: 2 years.  Kids: 1 year.

Safe for ages:  Original: 1 year+.  Kids: 6 mo+.  Use with caution if you are blood thinners or have an auto-immune disease.  (Ginger may increase the action of blood thinners and elderberry may worsen autoimmune symptoms for some, especially during illness.)

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

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