Earthley Cough-B-Gone Kids | 1 oz
Earthley Cough-B-Gone Kids | 1 oz

Earthley Cough-B-Gone Kids | 1 oz

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Cough-B-Gone is a simple yet powerful herbal formula to get rid of coughs naturally. Say goodbye to a nasty cold and annoying cough with our all-natural herbal medicine for colds. Free of sugar, colors, flavors, synthetic vitamins, and preservatives. NEW kids’ alcohol-free formula.
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Get Relief From an Annoying Cough or Cold Fast with Cough-B-Gone!

  • Effective herbal medicine for colds and coughs 
  • Removes extra mucus, soothes sore throats, promotes lung health, and detoxification
Many people deal with the occasional cough during the fall and winter months. However, no one wants to resort to over the counter meds if there’s something safer that works even better — and our natural cough medicine for colds is it. Created by an herbalist and mom of 5, Cough-B-Gone home medicine for cough and cold contains three important herbs: mullein leaf, which helps to remove extra mucus from the lungs and as a result, helps to settle your need to cough. Fenugreek soothes sore throats. Dandelion root promotes overall lung health and gentle detox. Our herbal medicine for colds, Cold-B-Gone is our favorite combination natural remedies for coughs and colds! When these three herbs come together, the result is powerful. Cough-B-Gone is just what you need to get over a temporary cough fast!


  • Organic mullein leaf
  • Organic fenugreek seed
  • Organic dandelion root
Other Ingredients:
  • Organic vegetable glycerin (kids)
  • Filtered water

  • Kids 1 – 6 years, 5 – 10 drops
  • Kids 6 – 12 years, 10 – 20 drops
  • Adults 13+, 30 – 40 drops
Kids’ formula may be used if needed for babies from 6 months; 1 – 2 drops is enough.

Take it orally and mix into juice or tea if desired so it’s easier to take.

Shelf Life: Original: 2 years. Kids: 1 year. No known contraindications with these herbs while breastfeeding or in children. Not safe for pregnancy. Talk to a health professional if you have any concerns before use.


***These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.

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