Axol Plush
Axol Plush

Axol Plush

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This adorable axol plush is made from 100% recycled polyester and measures 8 inches tall. Axol is adventure ready, fun for all ages, soft and cuddly
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Axol the Axolotl is a rare species of salamanders native to a small series of lakes and canals in Mexico. Axol's adorable pink things are external gills, to help with breathing. Axol is an amphibian, and is sometimes called the Mexican walking fish for the way they move.

In the past 20 years, the population of axolotls in the wild has decreased a lot. There are only 700 to 1,200 left! The main threat is loss of habitat due to urbanization. Wild axolotls can only be found in the lakes and canals of Xochimilco, Mexico. This soft and cuddly plush strives to bring awareness to the plite of the axolotl and is made from recycled polyester. Adopt an Axol for yourself today at Rattle and Roll Baby Boutique in 1 of 5 bright colors.

A portion of every purchase is donated to youth empowerment and environmental conservation programs!

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