Animals at Night: A Glow in the Dark book
Animals at Night: A Glow in the Dark book

Animals at Night: A Glow in the Dark book

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What creatures hide in the darkness under the starry sky? Easy: they are nocturnal animals, and now you can spot them too! Once the lights go out, the fun begins as glow-in-the-dark images appear on highly-illustrated, fact-filled pages. Travel between different habitats, from fields to deserts to mountains and more, as you learn all about different animals and what makes them nocturnal in this beautiful nonfiction picture book.
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What do animals do at night?

For humans, the setting sun marks the end of the day and signals to us that it’s time to go to sleep. But while people are quietly dreaming in their beds, there’s a whole world of animals that’s just waking up! Who are they, what do they do until morning, and how do they move, see, and hunt in the dark?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in this book! With special glow-in-the-dark surprises, unlock the mysteries of the dark and discover the amazing world of night animals.

Features glow-in-the-dark content on all 32 pages!

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